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(Actually, a few twists.)

October 4, 2022

ShareGro is here

ShareGro has officially launched. Our investment platform is ready to build a community and help each and every member on their way to financial security.

A different way to invest

You may be thinking to yourself “Another investment app? What could possibly be different about this one?” And we understand where that thinking comes from. Yes, we’re aware there are a lot of investment options out there. But we set out to do something different with ShareGro.

Community-powered investing

Our approach puts people at the center. We don’t answer to hedge funds (like so many other options out there), we answer to each and every member of our community. A community that shares the risk, and also shares the reward of their investments. But sharing doesn’t stop at finances. Our community also shares knowledge and know-how so everyone gets smarter, together. It’s what we call “community-powered investing.” And we think it will do powerful things.

At this point you may be thinking, “This seems like a completely new approach to investing.” And you would be right.

Inspiration was all around us

We didn’t just come up with the idea out of nowhere — we were inspired by sharing and generosity that happens everyday, all around us.

Food is love in the U.S.

In the U.S., food is shared to show how much we care for each other. When something good happens, people bring food. And when something bad happens, people also bring food. It’s a way of taking care of each other, and showing our love.

Pitching in has never been bigger

BBQs and fish fries have long been a way to make a few dollars for neighbors in need, but now with virtual crowdfunding organizations like GoFundMe, people can show they care across all borders. It’s clear that when someone is in need, people step up to help. And you don’t have to look that closely to see that there’s generosity and hope all around us.

Rallying behind a cause

Look no further than fraternal organizations to see that giving back is built into culture. Every organization has a cause, and they dedicate a lot of time each year raising money and donating their time to those who need it.

We’re hoping you find the same inspiration

ShareGro was built for those who want to be part of something bigger than an individual investing strategy. It’s for those who want to be part of a community and to share when they can — or receive when they need. Yes, it’s a new concept in investing. But we think it can change the way we all reach financial security.

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