Get a portfolio built for you. And where you want to go.

ShareGro was created to help all of you reach financial security. This unique investing approach is powerful enough to get you there — wherever “there” may be. For you, it’s as simple as signing up. We handle the complexities like choosing stocks, assembling portfolios and rebalancing strategically.

How we build your portfolio

We take a strategic approach to assembling and rebalancing your portfolio. But it’s important to understand that no matter how researched and successful methods have been in the past, there is always risk associated with investing.

Step 1

Choosing strategic stocks

Choosing stocks can be one of the most intimidating parts of getting started investing. Lucky for you, we have it handled.

We look for companies with technology and business models that we think will dramatically change the world (just like we’re trying to do with our own app). We choose those we think will grow exponentially with low cost models — evaluating their financial status relative to the cost of stock to make our decisions.

TLDR: We choose tech-based companies that we think will quickly change the world without spending a ton of money.

Who we're (currently) working with

Step 2

Creating portfolios to fit all of your needs

You may have heard that diversifying your investments is a good idea. That’s where portfolios come in. When you invest in a portfolio made up of a lot of stocks and investment types, you don’t risk losing everything if one stock dips way down.

Simply put, flexible investment portfolios are a great way to build your wealth over time. ShareGro can help you determine the right portfolio for you with just a few simple questions after you download the app. Invest in one of our more aggressive funds if you are more risk tolerant (okay with big ups and downs). Or tone down the risk and take a slow steady kind of growth track (if you’re less okay with big ups and downs). We can help you determine your strategy and then stick with it.

TLDR: It’s less risky for your financial future to invest in a bunch of stocks (a portfolio) than an individual stock that could tank because a CEO decides to Tweet something sassy.

Step 3

Rebalancing for optimal performance

Each of our portfolios is designed to meet an initial risk tolerance level (big ups and downs to moderate growth). Over time, stocks change and so do portfolios. We utilize real-time rebalancing that is based on performance not a scheduled date like most others. What does that mean for you? It means rebalancing is always happening with ShareGro versus it being scheduled for once a month or quarter and then never thought about in between.

Unlike most existing services, we rebalance at the individual security level. This provides great flexibility to gain additional returns (and mitigating risk) based on predetermined thresholds to buy low and sell high. We want more gains and fewer losses throughout the market cycle — though it’s important to remember that nothing is guaranteed when it comes to investing.

TLDR: We rebalance portfolios in real-time based on performance instead of on a predetermined date.

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