What is The shareGRO Practice?

shareGRO provides a diversified equity and bond portfolio designed to achieve customizable and improved risk-adjusted returns

Watch this short video to learn how shareGRO Practice integrates the 2 basic tools of finance: wealth management and risk management

Diversified Portfolio

Our globally-diversified portfolio management is built with an adjustable risk-tolerance in mind. Our algorithmic process, automating classical fundamental analysis, relieves you the time-consuming work of finding stocks and bonds, for any risk tolerance, at low cost in fees


Through what we call Progressive Income Replacement, cash periodically flows from your investment account back into your checking account with the goal of replacing your income from cash flows. This enables you to see, and exert control on what your growing wealth is doing for you


We offer 24-hour online access, plus with an experienced advisor when needed, at competitive management fees. We also give back up to 15% of your fees, that you can apply toward a range of financial education products to equip you to make the best financial decisions for your needs

shareGRO Also Believes In...

In addition to our primary goal of helping you grow your financial assets, we also believe in empowering our network of investors to help each other address challenges and opportunities in life through sharing and giving



Investors share a small fraction (0.1%) of their assets with other investors. This, with investment returns, helps smaller accounts recover from addressing a need or opportunity



We distribute another 0.1% of account balance to a charity you choose, from a number of prequalified options. You may submit an additional charity for approval if desired

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to be a clear, concise and unbiased in how we help you achieve your financial objectives. If we didn’t answer any questions you might have had below, please reach to us and we will gladly assist in any way that we can

What is this Integrated Finance?

The StockRoller shareGRO™ Practice merges a financial safety net service onto the wealth management platform. It is extremely low cost at 0.1% of assets per year (1% of long term average stock market returns of 10%). But is very flexible, and can be powerful over time with compound investment returns. You may download more information on the shareGRO™ Practice here.

Why should I invest with you rather than one of your competitors?

The shareGRO™ Practice helps you very simply address more of your financial and life goals in a single service. You experience your personal capital working, adding income to your monthly budget, and control its growth, either simply from an initial goal, or adding a complex array of interests, your choice. Additionally, we seek superior risk adjusted returns at modest management fees through our quantitative fundamental analysis approach to selectively choosing securities we expect, on average, to be undervalued in the global markets.

Why would any wealthy investor ever want to share?

First, for the joy of helping others. Many very wealthy people are working to give away 50% of their wealth before they die. Because they want to. Also, building a free market, voluntary, economic solution to the growing wealth disparity problem could prevent further extreme measures being forced by powerful politicians on everyone, especially the wealthy. Spreading the use of capital more widely is good for the financial and other freedom of all, including (perhaps especially) the rich. When people are more secure financially, it helps build robust markets for the firms in the stock portfolios of the wealthy. And we envision a time when broad shareholder activism for social responsibility could supplant much stifling regulation driven by lobbyists in conflict of interest with nearly everyone else, again, to the benefit of all.

Do you assign an advisor to me who can help me make important financial decision?

Our key goal is to help you feel and grow the benefits of your financial resources ideally under your own direction. The Progressive Income Replacement approach is designed to help you apply your own wealth yourself to reaching the goals you set, then maintain and grow your financial freedom as a natural outgrowth of continuing that process. An advisor can help this, and you will have one, with increasing time and interaction possible as your assets and commitment to growing them increases.

How can I keep track of my investments? Do you send out periodic statements?

We send statements, and you can look online 24 by 7. We often recommend setting up income replacement cash flows from your investment account into checking so your budget reflects growth and changes in your wealth so you feel, and are motivated to simply nudge this in the direction to optimize your financial resources. Especially if you also set up a sweep of cash from checking over an amount you set, to flow back into investments, you can further grow your wealth simply by neglecting to spend money, so it cascades automatically into your investment account faster for speedier growth. Or, if you regularly transfer such amounts manually online.

Is there a guarantee that my money will grow at a certain rate?

No. The securities markets fluctuate. It is reasonable to expect and hope for growth over a period of time. But there can be no guarantee. Generally, for longer term goals, it is usually better to trade additional risk of fluctuations in a portfolio for anticipated higher returns over that long time period. Additionally, if accumulating wealth, dollar cost averaging (putting a set amount in regularly, say monthly) enables buying more shares at lower prices, less at higher prices, improving the overall results even because of fluctuations.

What are your management fees? Are there any other fees?

We charge the combination of 0.9% of assets and a fixed rate fee of $15 per quarter to manage your portfolio, any advisor help to guide you to manage your own wealth to your advantage in meeting goals, and any service required in your account. This is less than traditional wealth managers, reflecting the effectiveness of our quantitative fundamental securities selection approach in keeping costs modest. Additionally, there are transaction fees charged you in your account for any buying and selling of securities. We do not receive any portion of the brokerage transaction fees, so our goals and interests remain fully aligned with financial success in your account.

Want A Deeper Understanding of Your Finances?

As you share and GRO with others in the community, we welcome your growth in understanding and sophistication in finance. The Pass the 65 materials teach, in a somewhat entertaining way, everything needed to pass the securities exam, and become a Financial Advisor (usually in a couple months).

If you know what is needed to enter the industry at this level, we anticipate you becoming a particularly informed and engaged client. We believe that learning finance well can help everything in life to be better and we encourage you to take this journey. 

About The Founder

You are in good hands with Dr. Early – a consistent and disciplined investor

Adrian 4
Dr. Adrian B. Early

Founder & CEO of shareGRO, a division of Stockroller, Inc.

Dr. Adrian Early has continually sought to bring about world – changing innovation. Following a passion to understand how things work and make them better, Adrian has earned multiple degrees and certificates in engineering, finance, and management, including a Ph.D. from the University of Arizona and an MBA from the University of Washington. He is an Investment Advisor Representative in Texas and a Certified Financial Planning® Professional. Dr. Early’s innovative drive has led to many patents in semiconductor integrated circuit design. Now, after successfully investing for years, Dr. Early has created a disciplined security selection process based on fundamental analysis seeking improved risk-adjusted returns.

Books by Dr. Early
Sharing; Joy, Liberty Volume One: Precepts

Seeking a resurgence of joy in life by enhancing liberty, Dr. Adrian Early addresses head on, a solution to the divisive, timely, and historically timeless issue of wealth inequality.

Sharing; Joy, Liberty is Volume One in a trilogy dedicated to showing the historical context, fundamental values, and long-term economic benefits of that solution; sharing among stock and bond accounts, the growing productive assets of today. 

Sharing, Joy, Liberty Volume 2: Practice

In Sharing, Joy, Liberty Volume 2: Practice, Dr. Early discusses the application of the concepts found in Volume 1 to an individual. This emphasizes the benefits of sharing personally. It opens the doors for how sharing can help you, now, as an individual.

“Adrian Early brings significant insight into understanding how we, at all levels of economic means, can better prepare for financial hardships and opportunities.  Sharing, Joy, Liberty includes a careful examination of the role his sharing within free markets can have to address individual financial needs and goals in the U.S. and worldwide.”

– Donald R. House Sr., Ph.D., President, RRC Inc.

“The fundamental human relationship is one of collaboration and mutual support, not conflict and competition. Sharing, Joy, Liberty harnesses this value that cannot be overstated.”

– Alexander McCobin, Cofounder, Students For Liberty

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[It's Your Free Gift From Us]
Written by Dr. Adrian B. Early, founder and CEO of shareGRO Practice, a division of StockRoller, Inc.


[It's Your Free Gift From Us]
Created by Dr. Adrian B. Early, founder and CEO of shareGRO Practice, a division of StockRoller, Inc.