We're in it for one thing — this community.

We want nothing more than to watch this community (and all of humanity) reach financial security. ShareGro is here to empower all of you to succeed as a community and live the lives you’ve always dreamed of.

Our values are built around you

Invested in you

What does that mean? We want you to be able to live life to the fullest. And we’re building the platform to get you there. We won’t ever answer to big banks and hedge funds, we will always answer to all of you.

Committed to community

Our community grows stronger with every member. Sharing education and finances creates a ripple that makes the community stronger, and gets you to financial security faster than going it alone.

Demonstrated value

We know the financial industry isn’t always clear and investing can be intimidating — so trust has to be earned. We are committed to doing so by delivering value through how we work, the products we build and through radical transparency.

Let's build a better way.

You may be taking a look at the investing options around you (good for you, investing is important). We hope you’ll find that ShareGro is built from a different point of view than anything else out there. We truly believe our community (and even the world at large) will flourish with a more advantageous way to invest — so we’re building it ourselves.

Creating financial security.

We’re creating a path to financial security for all of you. While that may look a little different for everyone in our community, at the end of the day you should be able to live the life you want to live — that’s what we want for you.

ShareGro was built to benefit all of you.

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